The Re’knorr System

The Re’knorr System is located on the Gnobo-Wun’Tux border. Its main planet was once (around the start of the human Second Age) occupied by the Gnobo League but became a focal point for Wun’Tux aggression when the two races first met. The Emberforged Mercenary Brigade fought tooth and nail to defend the planet but were ultimately unsuccessful; thousands of Gnobo colonists were taken as slaves and the planet abandoned.

The Battle at Re’knorr was the accumulation of an extensive defensive campaign by the Emberforged; they had successfully interdicted Wun’Tux naval forces at various sites along the border and protected more developed colonies from invasion. Re’knorr III was the weak link in the chain with regards to defensibility and terrestrial conditions; the terrain favoured Wun’Tux walking armour and heavy infantry.

The Wun’Tux assault fleet outnumbered the defending vessels three-to-one. Even so, the Gnobo fought effectively and bravely – destroying half of the escort fleet and numerous troop transports before they could land. It wasn’t to be enough, however, and the defenders on the surface were unable to defy such overwhelming odds. They fought to the last soldier but their defeat left thousands of males and young to be taken as slaves.

The Emberforged had damaged or destroyed enough of the Wun’Tux ships to blunt their offensive; a number of colonists were snatched and the slavers withdrew to their borders with the spoils of war. Even still, the Gnobo League regard this battle as the most dishonourable of defeats. The Emberforged were removed from the position of League defenders and carry a collective sense of guilt with them to this day.


The TAV-6


The Gnobo planetary forces come with a fearsome reputation. Recruits are trained for months in the mountain ranges that criss-cross their home planet; they are at home fighting on unwelcoming terrain. They are moulded into proud warriors who rarely give up or give in. The TAV-6 (Tracked Armoured Vehicle) exemplifies this fighting style and spirit.

The vehicle’s torque, power and adaptability stem from its four independent drive tracks. These allow the TAV to traverse a wide variety of weather and ground unimpeded. What it lacks in high straight-line speed it more than makes up for with its ability to manoeuvre at pace.

The armour is thick and cleverly constructed; only the most advanced armour-piercing shells can penetrate in one shot. Like most tracked vehicles, however, it remains vulnerable on its underside to mines and other explosives.

The TAV is armed with the same fragmentation cannons as the S-91 Gun Skiff, meaning it can deliver significant damage on a variety of targets. The high-calibre guns are least accurate when targeting infantry, leading tank crews to request troops to ‘close escort’ the TAV. This usually involves four troops sat atop of the armoured shell to protect against enemy infantry. This is considered a plum assignment, as it means the escorting troops are saved many miles of marching across unfavourable terrain.

The first iteration (TAV-1) was deployed during the Gnobo invasion of Illayko territory, where its rugged reliability and thick armour gave the invaders an edge. A large number were destroyed from orbit during the Battle of Ompolor VII, the remainder were airlifted out ahead of the Illayko counter-attack.


CV-17 Tiburon

The Tiburon

The Tiburon-class Corvette the capital ship workhorse of the Gnobo League. Similar to corvettes belonging to other races and groups, the Tiburon’s main role is to escort and protect larger ships. The Gnobo ship is remarkable in that it features zero point defence weaponry; it’s offensive capabilities centre around a pair of double-barrelled particle cannons.

The ship typifies the gun-ho Gnobo tactical approach. There is no finesse in it’s electronic systems, it’s shields are strictly average. These are not features the shipwrights prioritise. Instead, reinforced bulkhead and integrated armour plates mean the Tiburon is built to take a beating. This means the Tiburon can go head-to-head with frigates and destroyers and come out the other side in one piece.

The Tiburon

It’s obvious vulnerability is to enemy fightercraft, so the Gnobo mercenary brigades usually field the ship with an escort of Gun Skiffs. This Tiburon-Skiff combination is the most affordable option to most people looking to buy Gnobo assistance; it is not uncommon to see these corvettes fighting against each other on behalf of their respective employers, such is their prevalence.

Manufacturer: Various Gnobo Shipwrights
Role: Ship-to-ship assault, escort
Length: 46m
Crew: 19
Weaponry: 2 x Particle Cannons (double-barrelled, turreted)
Shields/Armour: Light/Heavy
FTL: Capable