VVG Libatrix

The Variable-Vector Gunship Libatrix is a capable fighting ship in close quarters, deep space and choppy atmospheric flight – the angled, adjustable thrust modules striped in the stand-out teal are at the heart of the vessel’s effectiveness. They take a co-pilot just to keep in check; this crew member usually controls the underslung beta-wave pulse cannons, too, laying suppression fire against a range of targets.


The Libatrix is the smallest Fukuro ship available on the open market and the only vessel of such size to mount beta-wave pulse cannons.


Wun’Tux “Turnpike”

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The Wun’Tux are in a state of constant flux, of civil war and strife. But not every one of their ships is designed for war; one of their most frequently used vess (human reporting name “Turnpike”) is a barely armed cargo carrier. The lumbering, cavernous transport ships are used to ferry slaves, food and resources throughout the territory of various BroodClans. They are also one of the only adequately sized vessels able to deliver Wun’Tux artillery to a planet’s surface in one piece.

The “Turnpike” is armoured with durillium plate like most Wun’Tux ships; this alone makes up for it’s lack of weapons and yet vulnerabilities remain. It is slow to change course and gain speed; one ship is easy prey for even slow moving, unguided explosive munitions. “Turnpikes” are crewed by Wun’Tux and slaves deemed unworthy of service on a warship; conditions are spartan and morale is typically low. Even the armour plating does not offer full coverage and vulnerabilities can be found by an accurate or lucky shot.

“Turnpikes” are built to last; most in service have been rebuilt, salvaged or fixed up again and again until they are no longer spaceworthy. There are several wrecks on the edge of Wun’Tux territory which provide scrap for enterprising pirates or sometimes a temporary home; providing said group is willing to run the risk of discovery.


For every civilisation spanning multiple planets and colonies, present in the astropolitical sphere and known to most spacefaring people, there are exceptions. Smaller fish. Species happy to keep a low profile. The Nineteca are such a group. Their homeworld is off most of the major trade routes and not easy to access and their people have not been attracted to the gaudy lights and temptations of larger civilisations en-masse. Most sentient lifeforms will never meet a Nineteca, and those that do might not remember it fondly as one of their most noticeable exports is mercenaries; young individuals aiming to earn a dowry for themselves to marry at home.

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Nineteca mercenaries are tough and stubborn; these qualities are replicated in their main warship – a gunship designed for ground attack. This ship is squat and snub-nosed, hardy and slow to manoeuvre. The Shrill Karner is used exclusively by the Nineteca and features a lethal combination of heavy weapons and heavier armour. The mercenaries tend to be hired when an entrenched force on a planet or asteroid; their ships are small enough to evade planetary weapons that may ward off capital ships but tough enough to soften up ground defences and land it’s own troops. The ship is feared even by the Wun’Tux and on rare occasions the USEF have hired Ninetec ships to assist in ground assaults.

Nineteca lost in battle are believed to join their heroic afterlife; the ‘worthy dead’. Funerals are times of great joy; there is equal hounor in this type death as there is in retiring to marry with a proper dowry. Given their inhuman attitudes to death by combat, the missions they’re willing to take – for the right reward – are risky verging on death defying. They are suitably costly.


The so-called Hunter Killers is a mysterious menace; nobody is quite sure where their ships are built and to whose design and yet are very much real and strike fear into the hearts of the most hardened denizens of the colonies. With ability to deal damage at short and long range, as well as a fearsome boarding party ready to terrorise disabled ships, the Hunter Killer is one of the more dangerous threats faced on the edge of civilisation.

The majority of pirates and mercenary forces on the Outer Rim are poorly armed and equipped scavengers; they pick on the weakest and least protected traders and prospectors and are generally scared off by any sort of escort. The groups using Hunter Killers are professional, clinical and extremely dangerous to even well escorted convoys. Their services come at a high price, however, and they are more often used as an expensive tool by one corporation against another.

The ship itself is solidly built with few weakspots in the superstructure. Wing-mounted plasma cannons give short-range bite whilst the underslung tunnelling-particle cannon allows for accurate and devastating offensive capability against armour and hull of opposing ships and facilities.

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It can carry, collect and deploy up to 20 armoured marines in space or atmosphere for all manner of operations, including boarding actions, sabotage and property damage.

The Hunter Killer lacks anti-fighter weaponry but is nimble enough to make itself a harder target for fighters and interceptors than a capital ship. On the rare occasions the ship has gone up against military capital ships of corvette-size and above it has retreated but not without doing a fair amount of damage in return. The human governments have declared the ships illegally armed and banned them from civilised space. This has done little to discourage them from operating in the wild west of the Outer Rim and they continue to gain work and infamy.

The mysterious Hunter Killer gunships and their mercenary crews are a genuine threat to the denizens of the Outer Colonies but mercifully rare. The one effective counter against the ships are capital ships of corvette size and above; vessels tough enough to soak up a little damage but well armed enough to give it back. The mercenaries have access to a corvette of their own; double the size of the gunship with twice the weaponry.

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The providence of the aliens and their technology is not well known but is unquestionably effective. In the one, much downplayed, exchange of fire between an American LCS and the Hunter Killer corvette (HKC) the LCS came off the worse and had to withdraw. What the HKC lacks in turreted weaponry it makes up for in a tough hide and above average agility on the battlefield.

Four heavy weapons are almost unprecedented on such a vessel and would not be possible with turreted weapons; the HKC’s armament all faces forward and requires careful aiming. This extreme focus on forward firing leaves the ship more vulnerable to fighters compared to its smaller cousin, but even these attacks must be strong enough to dent the HKC’s armour.


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The XX

Ceres was under siege during the Pan-Eurasian War, one of their only lifelines came from the brave men and women of the blockade runners – those willing to sneak past or outrun through the Union blockade and delivery supplies. Post-War, this tradition of devil-may-care blockade running led several of the noteworthy ship captains to found Express Exports, nicknamed XX, a courier company known for their hot-rod ships and pro-risk attitude to work.

XX captains are brave to the point of reckless, caring little for the odds and much for the notioreity achievable by completing dangerous jobs. They ply the colonies and beyond, some taking contracts from human governments to deliver top secret messages or packages not trusted to traditional means.

The ISS Goshawk is a light freighter aligned to the XX group; it operates throughout the colonies and beyond, ferrying VIP and even more important information between secretive locations and groups, human and otherwise. It’s crew are an equally colourful bunch, hard drinking and verging on arrogant with regards to their skill and worth. They demand high fees to complete their jobs but clients are rarely let down.

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The Saluki is a design of destroyer manufactured by Fukuro Corp; it is designed for ship-to-ship combat, patrol, interdiction and heavy escort mission profiles and well equipped for this variety of roles. The design itself contains odd ideas and unconventional features not found in traditional warships – a common theme in Fukuro vessels.

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The design is infamous for falling foul of a piece of American legislation aimed to restrict ownership; it is deemed too dangerous for an individual to own more than one and for a registered group to own more than three. As is sometimes the case, this reputation as dangerous has only fuelled sales and the popularity of the ship. Although it has never faced an US navy destroyer in real-time combat, the Saluki is known to win in simulations – much to the delight of its creator.

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Solar Power

Solar Power Plant, under guard

The Arnsbrook crystal-mining outposts require significant power; this is achieved predominantly through the use of industrial solar power plants. These units are modular in construction and can be moved from site to site by the appropriately aerial/orbital support. These power plants tend to be guarded by local military; there is a real risk of power being siphoned off by locals and an outside danger of the Gnobo forces on planet deciding to become less peaceful.