MBT Noisebringer

The Main Battle Tank (MBT) named Noisebringer is true to its name; it creates a lot of volume and destruction to boot. The Noisebringer is a stable part of human armies since the dawn of the Third Age; the original stock design has been retrofitted and upgraded several times with newer turrets and smarter armour meaning the vehicle has remained a useful battlefield asset over many years.

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The frame features four armour plated legs with few exploitable weak points compared to the longer, more vulnerable limbs of a Planewalker. The armoured limbs do not make the tank agile, however, and drivers are often frustrated at how long the thing can take to get moving following a full halt.

The stock model came equipped with a simple, single barrel autocannon and limited computer assisted targeting. This meant the Noisebringer could be piloted by a crew of two but the weapon proved under-powered against Wun’Tux and Gnobo armour. Later updates added heavier and more advanced weapons, often requiring a third member of crew and creating a rather cramped internal crew space. The upgrades put the gunners on par with rival species, though, and the cramped space was deemed worth the payoff.

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The smooth-bore frag-cannon variant became a firm favourite, doubling the Noisebringer’s effective range and armour penetration. The Chatterbox variant takes the design in the opposite direction; it swaps range for tripled rate of fire. Three barrels work in serial to provide rapid and sustained fire support at short to medium range against a variety of targets and makes the Chatterbox an excellent sentry and flank defender.


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The stock Noisebringer formed part of the Union army embarrassed at the Battle of Dren Gully; the tanks were unreliable in the dust storms and canyons of the changing battlefield and many were broken down and faulty before they reached the real fight. Several enhancements to reliability have been made since.