The Partizan hovertank is a popular skirmisher and patrol unit in human armies and militias. It features lightweight armour capable of shrugging off small arms fire but which struggles against heavier weapons. The tank’s main defence against more burly opponents is agility and guile, aided by four belly-mounted repulsor engines.

LHT-04 Partizan//

The turreted pulse cannon boasts a high rate of fire but low damage and penetration compared to larger calibre weapons. Any combat against more armoured opponents is risky and best avoided. If such battle is sought, a wily Partizan commander will attempt to limit the engagement to an environment advantageous to her; urban landscapes with lots of cover or swamp-like land limiting the movement of heavier foes but not Partizans. They are not suited to all environs, however; the dust and sediment of arid worlds can play havoc with the repulsors.

Length: 8m
Crew: 2 (One driver, one gunner)
Role: Patrol, skirmishing
Weaponry: 1 x Pulse Cannon Turret (top mount)
Shields/Armour: Light/Light
Special Features: Low drag, high agility.


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