Codename “Choker”

The Hirudin are known for stealth ships and political manipulation. Even so, at some point the politics and intrigue stops and the fighting begins; the Corvette (human reporting name “Choker”) is the smallest fighting ship of the Hirudin and is an often deadly foe.

The ship is a technological marvel; mostly automated systems with two Hirudin working in tandem as captain and crew. Turreted ship-to-ship cannons, high straight-line speed and reinforced bulkheads make the ship an excellent attack asset. The fact that the ship isn’t built to accommodate a crew means power usually diverted to life support can be committed to defence and propulsion. The heavily armoured command area at the fore (nicknamed the ‘fishbowl’ by human pilots) is the main vulnerability as it houses the least senior of the Hirudin. If this section is destroyed the efficiency of the ship is halved.

Intel Follows; Report by Captain Jane Gregor, the Black Aces, Task Force Second Sabre.


So, you probably think fighting the Hirudin is a walk in the park. You’d be dead wrong. Syre, they’re known for their sneaky Blackfin stealth tactics but make no mistake; their fighting ships are tough as old boots and punch above their weight.

3 years ago I was serving on HMS Riposte, protecting crystal miners up north. After a brief punch up with two Blackfins, we followed the surviving one over the border into the sphere. The Hirudin was winged, half power and armour cracked. Two corvettes were waiting suborbital; weapons hot and ready to pounce.

They bracketed us; two ships working in perfect harmony. When we were doing damage to one the other would make an attack run, shifting our fire. Then they’d swap. Damn squids ran rings around us. Particle cannons, fast tracking turrets with killer accuracy.

First time we’d seen this ship before. We had to deliver the intel to command from escape pods. Half of us got out alive, the other we’re lucky to die in the flames of the Riposte. I know what Hirudin do to their prisoners.

So. Codename “Choker”. Don’t underestimate it. It’s smarter and quicker than a Clanship. Dangerously high trigger discipline. They can take out bombers and slug it out with frigates all day long. Tough customers.

Remember this: young Hirudin do NOT want to die but do want promotion. Give them the promise of a juicy prize and they’ll overcommit. push them hard enough they will retreat.