The Ephii

The Ephii (pronounced ‘ee-fee’) are one of the most prevalent species in the known Galaxy; they are adaptable and hardy in spite of their relative small stature. They evolved from a type of tree-climbing mammal and retain an ancestral dexterity and love of heights. The Ephii have no formal government and are not a powerful bloc in galactic politics. This lack of oversight means individuals can and do operate without bias and can be found as mercenaries, rogue scientists, scouts, guides and explorers throughout known space and beyond.

Adult Ephii grow to an average of 4 feet tall but have strong bones for their size and are not as delicate as the seem. They have a life expectancy of 45 years and reach physical maturity by 10. They can see in low light and their ears – not to be confused to their characteristic hair tufts on either side of their skull – can hear at human level as well as higher pitches. Many Ephii work as scouts, spies and observers and these characteristics give them an edge over human and Gnobo competitors. Ephii peacefully co-inhabit several human, Gnobo and Oroso border worlds and this prevalence means they can blend into the background easily; another attribute used by Ephii snipers, spies and clandestine operatives.

As a species they are known for their adaptability and good character; generally gregarious and more likely to build bridges than burn them down. Anthropologists argue this openness is an after effect of Ephii society’s lack of interstellar government but either way the value they place on individuality and small scale relationships effects how they view the world and vice versa. This charming and open nature is juxtaposed against their significant influence in black markets and underworlds, especially of the human-Gnobo-Oroso border worlds where these civilisations associate – intentionally away from their government centres.

Ephii Classes Ephii Classes

Ephii Sniper-Scout