Tempest-class Strike Fighter

Tempest and Albacore

The Tempest is the larger cousin of the Albacore and serves as an elite fightercraft of Task Force Second Sabre. Nicknamed the ‘Super Strike Fighter’, the Tempest is designed to do the job of the Royal Navy and then some. It is almost triple the weight and features the large engines in V-configuration to make sure the ship is quicker than its apparent bulk.

Tempest and Albacore

Although unable to match smaller fighters for speed or agility, the Tempest features heavy shielding and a rugged disposition. The Albacore is armed with two fighter-scale rail guns whilst the Tempest features a cockpit mounted pulse cannon with missile hardpoints on and in the stubby wings. It is often equipped with heavy weaponry with which to harass and do damage to capital ships and orbital targets.


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