Amberjack Patrol

The P-91 Amberjack is a popular and versatile fightercraft favoured by a variety of independent operators throughout the human Core and Outer Worlds. It tried and failed to become the European Union‘s post-War interceptor of choice but found willing buyers on secondary markets. There are a number of modification kits available to specialise the ship into certain roles, a fact which only adds to its popularity.

Amberjack Patrol

The stock version of the Amberjack is not equipped with a FTL drive and this dependence on a carrier-ship was the main reason the ship lost out to the Caracal (which went on to become the main Strike Fighter of the Union Navy). A number of ships had been produced already; these were soon sold on to the secondary market and became popular due to their ability to handle tight turns and their durability; the dual hull design of the ship led to high structural integrity. Although less well armed and slower in a straight-line, the Amberjack was considered comparable in performance to the American Scimitar fighter, for instance.

Amberjack Patrol//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

The ship has found favour in the ranks of various independent operators; legal and otherwise. In lieu of a carrier-vessel, some of these groups have made simple modifications so that the ship can be hooked onto external racks of capital-ships for long range travel. There are a number of Widebrim versions which have been converted to travel short distances using FTL drives salvaged from more advanced ships, but this grafted-on jump drive tends to make the ship more fragile. Other modifications (the interceptor and stealth variants in particular) tend to improve the ship in one way but make it all around less rugged. For some this is a price worth paying.

Amberjack Interceptor Variant (foreground)
Above: the popular ‘Interceptor’ variant in the foreground


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