X-88 Stormsparrow

The X-88 (codename Stormsparrow) is an cutting edge starfighter developed by the Royal Navy and the Sciencia Sinistral; it serves as a test-bed for new technologies for the latter and tactics for the former.

X-88 Stormsparrow//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

The fighter lacks FTL capability and requires a larger ship to dock on, in or attach to for long distance travel; the power and space which could have been dedicated to a FTL drive have been well used elsewhere. A highly advanced power core works in tandem with a visually striking set of wings to cycle and distribute energy to systems quickly. These wings also generate a charge which acts like ablative armour around the vessel; an extra layer of protection when shields fall. Rarely has a nimble ship been so tough or a pretty one so rugged.

The Stormsparrow project requires a close working relationship between the often eccentric workers of the Sinistral and the more pragmatic military minds of the Navy. Although this has led to some friction within the team, the excellent results and constant tweaks and improvements have driven cooperation on. The limited field tests against live targets (e.g. Wun’Tux Twinfang groups) have been highly encouraging.


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