The Stolen March

The ISS Stolen March is a well-known mercenary corvette serving throughout the Outer Rim. The ship specialises in ‘flak’; short-to-medium range fire designed to destroy enemy fightercraft and warheads though she is more well known for her thin, tall profile and her colour scheme.

ISS Stolen March

Half of the ship’s armament takes the form of standard pulse cannons mounted on turrets. The most potent threat to enemy ships and missiles comes from the two rapid-fire point defence autocannons mounted port and starboard. These fire a mixture of tungsten and ceramic slugs at high rate and accuracy; human gunners are assisted by a turret-mounted computer core. These guns in particular are remarkably effective damage dealers to their preferred targets; only heavily armoured fighter-scale ships (e.g. the Gnobo Gunskiff) have much hope of soaking up damage once their shields fall.

ISS Stolen March

The ship is popular with corporate clients who want to buy an extra level of protection for important convoys. Her captain is pragmatic to her core; she ignores the threats and intimidation from local pirate groups to leave these juicy convoys without protection.


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