The Stolen March

The ISS Stolen March is a well-known mercenary corvette serving throughout the Outer Rim. The ship specialises in ‘flak’; short-to-medium range fire designed to destroy enemy fightercraft and warheads though she is more well known for her thin, tall profile and her colour scheme.

ISS Stolen March

Half of the ship’s armament takes the form of standard pulse cannons mounted on turrets. The most potent threat to enemy ships and missiles comes from the two rapid-fire point defence autocannons mounted port and starboard. These fire a mixture of tungsten and ceramic slugs at high rate and accuracy; human gunners are assisted by a turret-mounted computer core. These guns in particular are remarkably effective damage dealers to their preferred targets; only heavily armoured fighter-scale ships (e.g. the Gnobo Gunskiff) have much hope of soaking up damage once their shields fall.

ISS Stolen March

The ship is popular with corporate clients who want to buy an extra level of protection for important convoys. Her captain is pragmatic to her core; she ignores the threats and intimidation from local pirate groups to leave these juicy convoys without protection.


Rocket Dog

The MRM-17 (nicknamed ‘Rocket Dog’) is a armoured missile artillery walker operated primarily by the United States military. It was used successfully during the Third Age by the USEF in support of strikes by marines and other special forces. Aside from the American Expeditionary forces, the design saw action and much revision during the battles for Alecto II. More Rocket Dogs were destroyed in their transport ships from orbit than lost in actual conflict; testament to the walker’s capability.

The legs were the first part of the design; any hover technology was discounted as too unstable for proper artillery work and tracks were deemed outdated and limited in scope. Four armoured limbs were the first aspects planners pencilled in. They would provide a steady base for a heavy weapons system, protection against a fair deal of damage and maximum mobility to armour ratio. They would also go on to help the MRM-17 earn its nickname.

The ‘rocket’ part of the name is a misnomer; it is designed to fire a variety of mid-range missiles against a variety of targets. Dependent on the loadout and mission profile the walker can be a threat to targets in a low orbit or the immediate battlefield. Unlike the similar Wun’Tux design (codename: Atoll), the Rocket Dog is not a threat to starships in high planetary orbit. The ‘Dog proved itself capable against the Wun’Tux ‘Atoll’, however, when equipped with anti-armour missiles and assisted by appropriate spotter teams and craft. During the conflict on Alecto II 2.5 Atolls were destroyed for every ‘Dog lost.

The ‘Dog is not designed to fight at short ranges; it is very vulnerable if left unprotected in these situations and several have been lost to ambushes and sneak attacks.