The Ingjald

The 61-T Ingjalf

The 61-T ‘Ingjald’ is a strike fighter created by a subsidiary of Bofors; a small, private arms manufacturer based out of Ravensmere. The advent of the Fourth Age enabled small enough FTL drives and heralded the coming of the strike-class of fightercraft; at first they were extremely expensive to develop and build and out of reach of all but the largest organisations. The Bofors design team studied the specs of the British, European and American ships before launching a ship aimed at a more niche market.

The 61-T Ingjalf

The final iteration proved fast, sturdy and potent; somewhere between the European and American models with something of its own thrown in for good luck. Offensive capability is provided by four missile hardpoints and supplemented by a high rate-of-fire pulse cannon under the cockpit. The ship’s electronic and countermeasure suites are cutting edge, allowing enhanced tracking of targets and decision support throughout combat. It can be flown by one expert pilot but most operators add a co-pilot to take care of the weapons and FTL drive.

The 61-T Ingjalf

Each ship is individually made and they are commensurately expensive; even for a strike fighter. The only military force to use the ship is the Scandinavian special forces; the Aesir. They operate semi-independently of the European Union Navy structure and have a well earned, fearsome reputation. The ship is also used by a number of private individuals as a personal transport and warship. The Ingjald’s impressive mixture of weaponry and jamming ability make it a real threat to the older ships used by pirates and bandits throughout the Rim.

The most famous Ingjald is nicknamed ‘The Indigo Viper’ and used by a member of the mysterious Agency. Miss Indigo uses the ship on necessary forays into the Outer Rim; the co-pilot seat has been converted into a snug holding cell for missions when she needs to take someone alive. Fugitives throughout the lawless region speak of the ship – and its pilot – in hushed tones.


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