P-7a Percival

The P-7a ‘Percival’ was a Second Age era fightercraft commissioned by the Royal Navy. It was designed as a jack-of-all-trades fighter-bomber hybrid but after testing and first deployments it was found to lack the requisite agility to serve the ‘fighter’ part of its role and instead served as a light bomber until usurped by the Albacore.

The P-7a 'Percy'

The ship only saw military service in some minor border conflicts; it was disliked by pilots due to its sluggish performance against fast moving targets but loved by mechanics due to its basic, modular construction which proved easy to maintain and repair. The ship gradually fell out of favour through the Third Age and was replaced by the much more capable Albacore Strike Fighter.

The P-7a 'Percy'

Many ‘Percies’ were sold on to private armies, scrapyards and other individuals. It has become a firm favourite for planetary militias due to its ability to carry warheads and ease of maintenance. The former quality makes it a affordable counter to pirate capital ships though it is vulnerable to flak fire and escort fighters. It is predominantly dependent on warheads for offensive capability and the quality load out can make the ship more or less dangerous; the Black Moon Union uses a number of the ships armed with modern ship-to-ship missiles with great effect, for instance.


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