V29 Missile Corvette

V29 Missile Corvette

The V29 is a ship of the new Asian Coalition Navy, though there are several stolen or pirated models in private hands. They are one of the smaller Corvette-class vessels; they are able to mix capital-ship grade armaments with agility unmatched by similar ships of a similar tonnage.

Four forward-facing warhead launchers give the ship its bite; V29 captains thrive on hit and run attacks on larger, slower ships to which they can do significant damage whilst evading return fire.

Even still, the ship is vulnerable to fightercraft and is dependent on ammunition supplies; without supplies the ship is much less of a threat. Pairs and triplets of V29s have been deployed against unescorted Wun’Tux capital ships to great effect; only the presence of Twinfangs balance the odds in the lizard’s favour.

V29 Missile Corvette

The V29’s ability to punch above its weight means it is a popular ship for pirates and other criminals and rebels of the Outer Rim. Large-yield warheads are often enough of a threat to make unescorted merchant captains give up without a fight. The quality of warhead equipped by pirate V29 captains is intensely variable, however; some are more improvised missiles than military-grade hardware. The combination of agility and warhead capacity makes it an excellent choice against small-to-medium Wun’Tux warships – it is nimble enough to evade their heavy weapons and has the correct weaponry to break through durillium armour plate. The ship is wasted in a defensive role, however, and easily negated if it is made to guard stationary targets. The majority of Asian Coalition admirals prefer the Ankur’s versatility in comparison.

V29 Missile Corvette

There are several popular and illegal modifications to the ship when used by pirate forces, ranging from a troop carrier to a close-quarters bruiser. Performance of these modified ships varies dramatically.


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