Codename: Atoll

Intelligence Report on Wun’Tux Design, Reporting Name: Atoll
Filed by Lt. Cmdr. Daloway, USEF

Okay. Is this recording rig on? Good. Listen up, you yahoos. Because I’m going to say some things that ain’t gonna be popular.

Wun'Tux Artillery WIP

I was there at Dronta. It was tough and it was glorious. But we were damned lucky. The lizards weren’t expecting us that day and they still put up a hell of a fight. Worse than that? They decided to create this monster.

Codename Atoll. This son-of-a-bitch is not to be crossed. They pack a particle cannon which can melt armour plate like butter, even in orbit, before a cap ship can take position to fire back. The lizards are awful fond of slapping a couple next to their high value targets groundside and waiting for ships dumb enough to try to take them on. It’s not worth the risk, though. They’re nigh impossible to hit without a few minutes to set up and by that time, son… well. You’ll be dead. Don’t be dumb, don’t get dead.

Wun'Tux Artillery WIP

Good news? Well, shucks. Precious little. Their shields are tough and they’re hard to hit from orbit by conventional means. If you got missiles? Use ’em. But they might get shot down. Your best bet is fighters – low level, atmo attacks. The Atoll can’t hit targets at close range. But that means it’s defended tighter than a nun’s.. Oh. I guess we shouldn’t record that. Either way, you might find a bunch of Tomcat pilots crazy enough to take on the mission. They’re also pretty toothless against ground forces at close range. There are hair-brained stories of those Agency supermen taking out a air without breaking a sweat; I wouldn’t listen too close to old wives’ tales, myself…

Post-Script Recorded by USEFI:
Do not be fooled by the Commander’s… colourful vernacular; the Atoll is an incredibly hazardous enemy asset which is credited with the destruction of six USEF capital ships and an undisclosed but large number of other human naval vessels. Technical specifications follow.

Height: 10m
Crew: 3
Mobility: Low
Armour/Shields: Light/Medium
Weaponry: 1 x Heavy Particle Cannon [Extreme long range and accuracy]