ISS Targ


The ISS Targ was once a bulk freighter hauling ore from the Outer Rim. After one too many attacks from pirates, the ship’s captain took matters into her own hands and outfitted the main cargo bay to accommodate four short-range fighters.

The Targ embarked on a mission of revenge against pirates and outlaws throughout the lawless Outer Rim territories. The ability to deploy fighters in deep space involves either prohibitively expensive FTL-capable fightercraft or a carrier-craft. The latter is most common in military navies; their rarity in independent hands has made ships like the Targ extremely valuable.

The ship fields four LF-6B class craft; the standard issue European Union interceptor. Although the vessel proved distinctly average in relation to its human counterparts, it is very effective against the ramshackle, outdated equipment used by pirates and other rogues.

The Targ is not harmless. It features a pair of computer-assisted flak cannons as well as two deck-mounted autocannons capable of warding off larger threats.

  • Manufacturer: Regia Star Systems
  • Length: 130m
  • Crew: 40 crew, 4 pilots
  • Weaponry:
    • 2 x Flak Cannons
    • 2 x Autocannons (deck-mounted)
  • FTL: Capable
  • Shields/Armour: Light/Heavy
  • Special: Holds upto 4 light fighters

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