Wun’Tux Invader

Wun'Tux Invader

The Wun’Tux Invader is not an elegant ship. It manoeuvres extremely poorly. It features few home comforts. Each change in speed or pitch makes the vessel shudder and shake. And yet it is perfect at what it is designed for; boarding other ships.

The most noticeable feature of the design in the prow – a durillium alloy ram. This monstrous hunk of metal can gouge holes in a wide variety of ship hulls, bulkheads and even armour. Then and only then do the armoured doorways open and teams of angry, armoured Wun’Tux warriors stream out.

The ship has two purposes, though both involve the acquisition of slave labour. It is predominantly seen ramming unarmed ships – civilian freighters, etc. These targets are easy fodder and the boarding parties can usually reap rich rewards in the form of slaves. The second role is within battle; the ship can just as easily use its prow against a warship. Although these targets are usually ‘harder’ – more armoured, featuring better security – the attack of an Invader can distract and potentially destroy a larger ship. Slaves taken from warships are generally fitter and more hardy; ergo worth much more on the market.

Wun'Tux Invader

The Invader is unarmed – if you don’t count the infantry inside – and vulnerable to attacks from capital ships and fighters. They’re usually held back behind Wun’Tux lines until a battle is joined and the risks to them are minimal. Their thin profile means they present a difficult-to-hit profile when they attack a single target ‘head on’. Their flanks are lightly armoured, however; Invaders are high priority targets in many battle situations.

The ship is occasionally used as a transport craft – responsible for the transit of heavy equipment, slaves and cargo. A number in this secondary role have been disabled and captured by human and Gnobo forces and paraded as trophies.


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