H07 Cavalier

H07 Cavalier

Following the surprise attack on Sisca VII, the Blackmane X-MM saw an upsurge in demand. This mechanical, blade-wielding beast was designed for the barely legal gladatorial rings of the Outer Rim and yet had been discovered as an effective anti-Wun’Tux weapon. As Blackmane stock went through the roof, other megacorporations schemed how they might steal a slice of this new revenue. A slew of ideas – some revolutionary, some silly – were created by the various rival corporations.

Since their fatal introduction to the Wun’Tux, humankind had struggled to counter their terrifying Voidwalkers with armour of their own. The USEF relief upon orbital bombardment and air support to destroy them, using ground forces to take out any survivors. The effectiveness of the Blackmane mech on Sisca VII came as a surprise and can be narrowed down to two main factors: 1) the urban battleground on Sisca VII left little room for the Wun’Tux armour to bring their weapons to bear and 2) the bladed-aspect of the X-MM’s weaponry proved very effective at breaching durillium plate. Wun’Tux opponents were not always going to be able to affect the first point; weapon dealers focused on the latter.

SynTec produced a bipedal mech with two blades; wickedly sharp weapons forged from a Titanium and Tantalum mixture. These proved particularly effective in breaching recovered durillium plating. The Tantalum aspect in particular made the blades highly resistant to wear and corrosion.

The main threat from Wun’Tux heavy walkers comes from their ‘shredder’ cannons – futuristic shotgun analogues with the ability to tear through armour at close range. The tight confines of the urban battleground on Sisca VII had meant the X-MM avoided concentrated fire , but this was very much a quirk of one battle. Competitors would not be able to rely on such. SynTec, instead, elected to mount the blades on a repsulor frame. This prototype had obvious advantages; high mobility over all sorted terrain, variable hover height and rapid acceleration to name just three. But the technology was notoriously unreliable and difficult to maintain; even the most optimistic engineer knew the frame would be high maintenance in an actual conflict. Armour had to be light in order to maintain the prototype’s agility – another potentially fatal flaw.

In expert hands, the Cavalier is an agile and destructive mech able to damage, degrade and destroy Wun’Tux armour in short order.


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