Sisca VII

Sisca VII

Sisca VII is a human colony situated in the Mid-Rim; by the end of the Third Age it had grown into a local hub of trade and commerce; home to the Rimward Stock Exchange and other fledgling institutions. Most people attach the name of the colony to a darker memory; Sisca VII marks one of the ‘safest’ human targets ever raided by the Wun’Tux.

It is unknown whether the timing of the incident was coincidental or pre-planned but a significant Wun’Tux fleet entered the system a few hours before the opening of the Stock Exchange – a project funded and ran by Blackmane Special Services (BSS). The Sisca System was deemed to be in the ‘safe’ zone of the Rim; it was thought any alien aggressors would be detected and intercepted lightyears before getting anywhere near. Given that thinking, the world had only a nominal defence force – it was swept aside by the invading Wun’Tux.

The Wun’Tux fleet numbered 15 ships; nowhere near enough to threaten the planet as a whole but more than adequate to raid the world for thousands of slaves. But, like ants to honey, they dispatched dropships to the main population centre – the capital city New Arvada, home of the Stock Exchange. The city was a dense urban sprawl of buildings, suspended walkways and skyscrapers; not the usual target for marauding Wun’Tux. This architecture slowed the advance of their ground forces but the predominantly civilian population provided little resistance. The only military hardware remaining on planet were four X-MMs brought with the CEO of Blackmane. Originally these mechanised walkers were considered a vanity or a publicity stunt but this didn’t stop their pilots entering the fray.

These walkers were outnumbered 3-to-1. On paper it was a terrible match – the Wun’Tux ‘shredder’ cannons tore through most vehicles like a hot knife through butter. These ‘shredder’ cannons however, were unwieldy and not suited to the tight spaces of inner city New Arvada. The X-MMs were designed as gladiator-mechs and had no problems fighting up-close-and-personal. Out of the 12 Planewalkers that attacked the city, 8 were destroyed outright, 2 were critically damaged and 2 retreated. 1 of 4 X-MMs was destroyed. The Wun’Tux infantry were harder to repel; only when a European Union Rapid Reaction Task Force arrived did the Wun’Tux sound the general retreat.

Damage to the city was significant and over four hundred civilians had been snatched up by the invaders by the time they fled. However: both the damage done and people lost would’ve been a lot worse if not for the brave X-MM pilots. The entire episode was a PR coup for the company, of course, and the surge in demand for X-MMs predictably followed. Not unlike the incident at Freya VII, the incursion into territory previously thought ‘safe’ led to heightened security around these colonies. In a limited act of cooperation, the main human factions devised a string of Early Warning Observation (EWO) outposts covering the Wun’Tux border.


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