EWO Outposts


EWO Outposts are a rare example of cooperation between the various human factions; they are deployed along and around the Wun’Tux border and are tasked with using cutting edge detection technology to detect small, marauding raiding parties heading towards the Mid Rim and other territory deemed ‘safe’. EWO Outposts are a direct response to the Wun’Tux attack at Sisca VII, a world considered ‘safe’ but taken by surprise with devastating consequences.

Human ships patrolling the border or even just passing through have been known to visit EWO Outposts for fuel and supplies. The Outpost crew, usually starved of interesting events, are happy for the diversion.


Outposts are constructed in a modular fashion, with three ‘spokes’ connected to a hub. The ‘hub’ contains the control centre, the reactor and the sophisticated sensor suite used to monitor areas of deep space. The spoke areas usually host crew quarters and living areas, but different modules (e.g. hospital environments, repair bays) have been deployed in times and places of need.


The EWO programme is funded from the various human governments; this funding is augmented by generous contributions from interested megacorporations. The stations are crewed by members of the Border Fleet. In theory, EWO staff should see no combat. They man the Early Warning Observatory systems and advise their control centre of any anomalies. Nevertheless, they are a military installation and trained to defend themselves.



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