The Veles System


The Veles System lies on the civilised route from the Rim to the Core Worlds. Is was originally discovered and colonised by the US whilst their main rivals were wrapped up in the Pan-Eurasian War.

It contains two habitable worlds; the main one (Veles III) is home to a large population of humans from various factions. The planet itself is Earth-sized and features one, giant ocean and a huge landmass surrounding it from pole to pole. The inland area of Veles III is mostly inhospitable; a hot, arid desert. The coastal areas are more capable of sustaining life and feature various towns, cities and other settlements.

Veles III was a frequent stopover for colonists travelling to the Rim during the first spread of humanity. Most of the American civilians heading on their ill-fated final trip to Freya stopped off at Veles first and the planet features a sombre monument to their memories.

Otherwise, the world is host to a number of young megacorporations; SDI has its corporate HQ on the planet and conducts most of its business from Veles as opposed to the very expensive Core Worlds.


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