Arnsbrook is the largest city on Donos III and a hub for so-called ‘prism production’. Originally settled by the Gnobo at the start of the Second Age, Donos III was a small and inconsequential colony for a number of years. It was only when a SynTech scouts stumbled upon a large underground deposit of a strange crystal substance that things changed.

Initial testing of the crystal was promising; relatively tiny lens demonstrated an uncanny ability to alter the course and intensity of light. Sensing a paradigm shift, SynTech paid a king’s random of bribes and fees to secure from the Gnobo exclusive mining rights. With little scientific interest of their own, the League were happy to take the money and the subsequent taxes from the human megacorporation.

Arnsbook grew as a necessity around the first Dendranite mining complex; accommodation, shops, schools, bars and parks all sprang up to support the influx of SynTech staff. The planet itself has a warm and arid climate suited to the Gnobo; the city planners drilled deep below the surface to bring underground rivers to the surface for the new human population. The climate particularly suited Earthlings from the Southern Hemisphere; humans skilled in mining and the applied sciences were quick to reserve a place in newly built apartment complexes.

The bright city lights attracted some of the indigenous population, too, and Gnobo civilians both visit and live in Arnsbrook. The relatively small population keep the Saturn Solutions police force busy, but the bar fights and scuffles rarely escalate into anything serious.

Three Buildings//


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