Wun’Tux Dropship

The Wun’Tux dropship is the workhorse of many a BroodClan in spite of several fundamental flaws in its design. The ship’s main role is to deliver armoured warriors to the fray – be the battle in deep space, in orbit or planetside.

It accomplishes this through being very difficult to destroy. The prow and flanks are armoured with the same blend of durillium plate that makes Clanships so durable; it is incredibly resistant to small arms fire. Thus, even though it is unarmed and manoeuvres like a brick, the ship is an incredibly dangerous target.

The dropship deploys troops via two armoured flanks which open when an area is secure. Opening these panels during live fire leaves the dropship vulnerable to fire from both sides and is only risked in an emergency. The only other weak spot is the engine block – damage delivered here can cause internal explosions or other catastrophic damage. Twinfangs are usually deployed alongside the dropships to protect their engines and get them to the target intact.

Several of these ships were destroyed before even taking off at the slave market of Dronta VIII – guided missile strikes from orbit were able to zone in on their engines. Surprise attacks remain one of the safest strategies to combat them.

The ship is also used in slave collection and transport – the unfortunate souls are crammed in so tightly that the environmental controls struggle to cope. It is not uncommon for weaker slaves to die in transport, the wicked and brutish ship their last memory.


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