The T-51

The T-51 ‘Starlock’ is a multi-role transport ship utilised by the USEF. It is well-liked by pilots for it’s durability and adaptability in all manner of operations.

It is more flying brick than ergonomic beauty. The ‘brick’ like shape, however, is armoured and durable against myriad threats. The ship is regularly used to transport important members of the military and civillian figures – though not in any measure of comfort.

The combat version is fitted with a flak cannon underneath each VTOL engine. These are predominantly to protect the ship from starfighter attack but have seen use against infantry and vehicles during take off and landing.

As a combat support vessel it is tasked with transporting troops, vehicles and personnel in and around hostile territory. Marines and US Rangers landed on Dronta VIII in T-51s and the ship has been a firm favourite of soldiers since. It is capable of transporting vehicles and extra cargo attached to its belly, although this does make it a much more easy to hit target for enemy forces.


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