Dawn Chorus-class Brig

Dawn Chorus-class Brig

Certain corporations have accused the Dawn Chorus’ manufacturers of sanctioning piracy. The ‘Brig’-class of ship is somewhere between a freighter and a warship, leading to rampant popularity with pirates and other malcontents.

The triple-drive array is solid and hard working, the armour thick and durable. Like modern warships, the Dawn Chorus has weapons on the top and bottom of it’s hull. The main armament is a single-barrel plasma cannon with built-in targeting pulse, whilst the bottom of the vessel fields photon turrets. The keel and dorsal surfaces are also covered with fast-tracking flak turrets, giving not insignificant protection from fighters.

Dawn Chorus-class Brig

The Dawn Chorus is used legitimately by small corporations and independent traders on the Outer Rim, to get cargo from A-to-B without needing an expensive escort. It is used less legitimately by any pirates and raiders with enough cash to buy and maintain one. Unfortunately for said pirate captains, the ship needs a lot of loot to keep running. Bounties on Dawn Chorus captains ride high and are collected quickly, by other pirates or bounty hunters both.

Length: 95m
Crew: 70
Manufacturer: Dutch Defence Vehicle Systems
Role: Armed Merchantmen/Pirate
– 1 x Plasma Cannon [with targetting pulse generator]
– 2 x Photon Cannon [turreted]
– 3 x Flak Turrets [dorsal and keel]
Shields/Armour: Light/Heavy

 Notable Vessels: ISS Kiwako: flic.kr/p/nZiNTT


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