The Chromedog

The Chromedog is a modern model of hoversled capable of traversing all manner of terrain at high speed. This ability makes the ‘sled stand out in a crowd; it is at home racing atop of a range of terrain – from hard rock desert to undulating ocean. This important development came as sled pilots were challenging themselves with more and more difficult circuits; plotting deviously daring courses filled with environmental hazards. The older ‘sled designs couldn’t cut it against swamp zones, glacial areas and quicksand hairpins. The Chromedog was designed to excel on any terrain pilots could throw at it.

It was a Chromedog that first really challenged the fiendish Redthorn circuit set up on Iiori V; its ability to keep a constant speed across ice, water and rocky ground led to a time within a second of Redthorn’s personal best.

Although predominantly used as a racing craft, the elite special forces of the human factions (Second Sabre, the USEF, etc.) are known to use the craft as a fast transport. Its ability to move swiftly and not be bogged down by environmental conditions gives it an advantage over even atmospheric insertion craft.

 Chromedog at speed//


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