Iiron V

The Iiron System lies on the edge of European Union territory. It’s fifth planet is (barely) suitable for human habitation and is gifted with enough valuable minerals and resources to warrant a small colony. The population is mostly of Scandinavian ancestry and have adapted to survive the cruel climate.

Iiron V

Above: Redthorn’s home and hoversled

The place is isolated and lacks any inherent excitement; these qualities led to Daniel Redthorn choosing the place for his eventual retirement. It was so separated from civilisation as to hide him from ex-targets and employees seeking bloody retribution, but after a while this led into boredom. Redthorn subsequently ordered a custom Blackbird hoversled and took to racing the high octane craft through the icy crevices and ravines to satisfy his thirst for risk and adventure.

Racing against himself and the elements eventually became monotonous, though. Redthorn began to send out messages to the best hoversled racers, inviting them to compete. The Iiron V course soon became known as the most difficult circuit in the known galaxy.


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