The Crescent Corps


The Black Moon Union enforces its will through intimidation, threat and fear. The capable assassins of the Crescent Corps killers are one of the many tools they use to do so. They are able to infiltrate heavily guarded locations and abduct or eliminate high value targets at the behest of their masters. Few rivals and rebels against the Union live to tell stories of the Crescents and their grizzly work.

They are highly trained; lithe, acrobatic and strong. Their armour is flexible enough to allow them to climb and vault varied architecture and their most iconic feature (the facemask ventilator) means they can survive hostile atmospheres and even short periods in vacuum. Rumour even indicates the Crescents flood target areas with poison gas before starting their hits, sowing fear and confusion before they move.

Their only weapon is a cruel, sickle-like blade. It is sharpened to the nanometre, capable of cutting through a wide range of materials with ease. The ‘corps use these blades not only for killing but climbing and sabotage to boot.

The few shadowy individuals working in the Crescent Corps are more myth than man; their deeds and feats have led to rumours they are something more than human, even graduates from a post-Project Atlas experiment, created by the exiled Professor Yacof. These rumours remain unconfirmed.


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