Gladiator Mechs

Gladiator Bots

GIAT Industries manufactured the ‘Gladiator’ over a decade ago as a front-line, multi-functional battle walker to be deployed along the border of the new colony line of the European Union

An entirely versatile walker, the ‘Gladiator’ has a set pair of legs and armoured torso but the arm-based weaponry is inherently swappable. The two models who the ability to equip long range rifles, short range fragmentation weapons and even shoulder-mounted energy throwers.

The patents to this design were bought (for a song) by SDI who have began to produce modern upgrade and augmentation kits for remaining operators.

The Gladiator is old enough to have been partly phased out of the European frontline, and can be seen in the hands of mercenaries, bandits and the prize fighters of certain tournaments on the Galactic Rim. Easily bested by modern technology, it is preferred by the more old fashioned mech pilot.


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