SerroSerrovir is the homeworld of the Oroso. It occupies the most distant orbit from its young star (in the Verel Duos System) and is home to a variety of life, including around a billion Oroso. It is a famously cold world, with large expanses covered in snow for most of the year. These unwelcoming conditions guided the evolution of their main sentient being.

Unlike mankind the advent of Faster-Than-Light travel united disparate Oroso factions into a cooperative unity government, with each group (named a Kvo) having representation in the higher echelons. This allowed them to expand quickly and seek out nearby planets of a similar climate to Serrovir. Their homeworld, however, remained close to their hearts – the Oroso Conclave (and most of the decision-making power) remains in the planet’s capital city.

Oroso traditionally favour living just below ground, shielded from the tempestuous Serrovir climate. The original cities were built in valleys, craters or other natural phenonoma. Contemporary settlements utilise modern construction techniques to carve out suitable spaces just below ground level, tapping into geothermic vents to power and heat the buildings. This quasi-subterrainian architecture is copied throughout Oroso space; many families just don’t feel right living above the ground.

Although not adverse to eating meat, the majority of Serrovir residents live on a diet of native funghi and other plant life. Oroso cuisine tends towards hot and spicy food, often too hot for most human palettes.

Serrovir is the diplomatic hub for the Oroso Conclave; the human United Nations maintains a small embassy as part of the cautious and cordial diplomatic relationship between the two people. Although Serrovir is a busy hub of trade, tourism is rare – humans and other races tend not to flock to a place which makes Siberia seem warm. Academics and scholars from across the stars brave the cold to to study at the vast Sunken Library. Some of the tomes contain references to civilisations even older than the Vonn and are prized by xeno-archeologists throughout the galaxy.


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