Before Faster-Than-Light Travel

Humans colonise the Solar System; the best territory goes to the US and the British.

The mysterious Agency is created by persons unknown. Its existence is kept a secret from all but a select few.

The Far Planet Revolution occurs, with colonies around Jupiter and Saturn rising up against corporate masters after the ‘far planets’ are neglected in favour of research into Faster-Than-Light travel. The revolution is cruelly and violently put down. Several ‘corporate security’ firms are formed just for this purpose.

The Gnobo League launch a lightning offensive against the Illayko but they are defeated at The Battle of Ompolor VII.

The first Trinax people land on the Hirudin home planet and are ensnared under their mind control.

The First Age of Human Expansion

Various human factions of Sol discover Faster-Than-Light travel and begin to travel and expand beyond the Solar System

Human explorers meet the Oroso, Vonn and Trinax and establish cautiously cordial diplomatic relations.

The Wun’Tux wage war on and almost wipe out the Illayko.

The Second Age

Project Atlas is comissioned

After various unsubstantiated stories from colonists, the American colony at Freya goes ‘dark’. The US military find it is the work of the Wun’Tux and shroud the entire incident in a press blackout to prevent panic.

The colonies closest to Sol become developed and populated enough to become known at the Core. So-called ‘megacorporations’ expand their reach to these new worlds.

Following heightening tensions, the Pan-Eurasian War begins, encompassing human colonies in the Core and further afield.

The humans encounter Gnobo and the remnant of the IIlayko, forming an uneasy peace with each species.

In response to the massacre at Freya, human governments shift their colonisation priorities from rapid expansion to caution; only colonies considered defensible are short-listed.

The USEF base at Highpoint is established.

The Project Atlas base is destroyed; research carries on elsewhere.

The Third Age

The Toronto Treaty is signed, marking the end of the Pan-Eurasian War

Professor Yacof takes over Project Atlas.

The Union-Oroso Conflict breaks out. A month later, following the Battle of New Riga, both sides sign an armistice.

Yacof defects to parts unknown with his Project Atlas research and recruits

Human strike back against the Wun’Tux, including the destruction of the Dronta slave market.

The Fourth Age

The ‘Fall’ of The Agency; several high profile assets flee to the the safety of the Rim

First deployment of mature American Atlas ‘super soldiers’


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