The Planewalker

WunTux Planewalker

With their razor-sharp claws and alarming alacrity, the Wun’Tux are formidable enough opponents without augmentation. Their armoured Planewalkers only serve to make them more ferocious and intimidating.

The Planewalkers look ungainly and awkward at first glance. Their odd angles and forward tilt give the impression the machine might tumble forward at any moment. But the Wun’Tux engineers are far from careless; the poise is maintained by a unique system of gyroscope-like devices, the centre of gravity so easily manipulated as to give the Planewalker a shocking straight-line speed.

The ‘walkers are typically used to defend valuable locations (e.g. durillium mines) and to assault hardened enemy targets; the Wun’Tux are aware of the terror the sight of one can spark, however, and are not shy in using them to keep unruly slaves in line. BroodClans are not shy of using the armour against other Wun’Tux, either; the ‘walkers often feature in the frequent bouts of Wun’Tux infighting.

Planewalkers are usually piloted by the second-born of a brood; it is a position of respect and relative protection compared to third-born and below who tend to be deployed as foot soldiers. These walker pilots are talented but prone to arrogance and overestimation of their skills.

Their ‘Shredder’ cannons inflict devastating damage on organic and lightly armoured targets, especially at short range. Their thick armour enables them to survive sustained exposure on the front lines. Their main vulnerability is from the air, although airborne attackers have their best chance of hitting a Planewalker if it is standing still; they are difficult targets when moving at full speed. The USEF purposefully struck at defending walkers from orbit in preparation for the battle at Dronta VIII.

The ‘Voidrunners’ (a group of ex-slaves involved in a guerilla war against the reptiles) have a way of disabling the gyro-stabilisers with a well-placed Improvised Explosive Device. This causes the ‘walker to malfunction, lose balance and often come crashing to the ground. This method, to the relief of Wun’Tux everywhere, not widely known.

It is against Planewalkers that the Blackmane X-MM made its name; within the tight confines or an urban sprawl, the human mechs were able to evade the Wun’Tux’s shredder cannons and close in for the kill. This remains one of the rare occasions on which Planewalkers were bested by another mech.


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