Omicron Persei

new dresden

Omicron Persei is a five planet star system on the border between human and Oroso space. First settled by European Union colonists at the close of the Second Age, the system’s main planet (christened New Dresden) boasted little in the way of minerals but a favourable climate for human habitation. New Dresden’s two moons were found to be rich in certain ‘rare earth’ metals and so the post-War European Union prioritised the colony for development.

It became the site of one of the most significant Union losses against the Oroso in their brief conflict. Sensor reports and intelligence briefings predicted a large Oroso Naval Combine (ONC) heading to initiate a counter-strike against the valuable Union world. Admirals panicked and dispatched a force of French heavy destroyers to defend the colony, but these ships were unable to carry fightercraft and relied upon the handful of squadrons available at New Dresden. The destroyers were routed by superior Oroso fightercraft and tactics, handing victory in The Battle of New Dresden to the attackers. The ONC inflicted significant damage on the moon mining operations before being forced to retreat by the second wave of EUN reinforcements.

It was a defeat for Union tactics as well as morale. However, the loss of both naval and mining equipment lent credence to the military voices calling for new equipment to be rushed to the front. In a sense, the loss at New Dresden led to the rapid deployment of modern military assets to the Rim and the subsequent tactical victory at the Battle of New Riga. A loss at New Riga would have left the Union string of colonies wide open to attack; New Dresden is seen by most within the European military as a blessing in disguise.


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