The Ermina System


The Ermina System is a five world environment centred around a young Red Dwarf star. It’s third and only habitable world is host to a colony from the Asian Coalition, one of the largest human factions. The colony ships were initially dispatched before the Pan-Eurasian War, but given the time taken to travel to the system the colony only got started during the bloody conflict.

Much like Trillyth III, the Ermina colony was much too far from the conflict to be of any use to either side and so was left alone. Unlike it’s Union counterpart, however, the prairie-strewn landscape of Ermina III was host to a large populations of a native mammal-analogue, a primitive quadruped which the Coalition settlers found easy to domesticate. Janavara (the nickname given to the animals by the colonists) milk and meat from these animals helped the colony population survive it’s period effectively cut off from the main Coalition. So although the settlers ran low on advanced building materials, they avoided the starvation and poisoning risks of the less lucky colonists of Trylith III and expanded a lot more rapidly across the planet.


Above: An adult Janavara

Following the War, Ermina III became home to the large Coalition populations who had been trapped behind various blockades. Families were given a tranch of undeveloped land and a small herd of Janavara of their own to breed; those who were found to be lazy or working against the common good were dealth with harshly. The ‘tough love’ approach, however, led to rapid growth of the colony to encompass more of the small world’s surface.

By the Fourth Age, humans borders had expanded far beyond the Ermina System. This placed the colony into the ‘Mid-Rim’ area; not as safe as the Core but nowhere near as lawless as the Rimward Territories proper, either. It became home to Coalition administration infrastructure and a small naval base, supplying the Coalition Mobile Defence Groups (MDGs) in their border patrols.


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