C-09 Starspear Anti-Orbital Cannon

The Starspear

The C-07 ‘Starspear’ is one of the most common anti-orbital (AO) defence systems available in human space and beyond, combining affordability with reliability to beat many competitors. It is also noteworthily one of the rare weapon systems built by AdversiTec, a corporation who generally deal in survival and exploration equipment. AO defence is key in the survival of new colonies, however, convincing AdversiTec to invest in the idea.

The C-07 is a large mass driver, capable of firing packets of metal alloy at high speed and accuracy at orbital targets. It sees service in defending colonies from a range of threats – anything from rogue asteroids to enemy ships. Ammunition can be fabricated on a as-and-when basis and made to be more solid, more likely to pierce armour or shatter on impact. Additionally, because the system is produced by AdversiTec is it rugged and reliable in all manner of climates and environments.

More advanced and more destructive systems are available and often used en-masse to protect military or highly populated civilian worlds, but a significant number of smaller worlds owe their continuing survival to the Starspear.


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