The Silverfish

'Steelbug' MMT

The ‘Silverfish’ track-tank is an old fashioned idea in a very modern world; a tracked vehicle in a hovering world. It lacks many modern conveniences of advanced navigation, electronics and power management systems – the designers aimed more towards the prosaic function and ease of construction. The result was a cheap, tough little tank.

The Silverfish is constructed from reasonably common materials, meaning it can be made in a variety of settings. Models have been assembled within the cargo bays of naval ships, and counter-insurgents have even built constructed versions of the vehicle in abandoned warehouses, right under the noses of their opponents. Although single Silverfish struggle in an even fight with the more modern tanks, walkers and crawlers they are near-impervious to small arms fire and can move quickly around built up areas, small enough to manoeuvre on roads meant for cars.

'Steelbug' MMT

The tank is used predominantly by the mobile divisions of an army, e.g. the Marines. It needs very little resupply and can move with a mobile force; given sufficient parachute/grav-chute support the vehicle can even be dropped onto a planet with orbital insertion parties.

'Steelbug' MMT

The basic model features a reliable auto-cannon turret. The ‘B’ model is equipped with a more advanced armour-piercing variant, suitable for anti-armour operations.


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