The Blackmane X-MM


The X-MM (eXperimental Melee Mech) was a concept proposed by the InSight Design Team at Blackmane; the men and women employed by the corporation for their ability to think outside of the box. The team were based within the Rimward Territories, far from the rules and regulations of the corporate Core. This enabled them be more imaginative in finding solutions to difficult problems. It was whilst enjoying a night of gladiatorial robot combat that the team came up with an idea; a Blackmane produced ‘bot and support team.

Using their off-the-books status, InSight teamed up with a veteran of the matches to produce their prototype. Tall, imposing and covered in armour-plate, the X-MM made for a tough target before being outfitted with weapons. Those came in the form of two pneumatic spikes, designed to punch through even the toughest armour.

Suffice to say (despite calls of ‘cheater!’) the X-MM conquered the ramshackle opposition on its début; sturdy armour and powerful weapons made it too difficult to beat. It also re-invigorated the underground fighting circuit, leading to more professional and deadly models fielded by the other teams and competitors. The X-MM was beaten on it’s second outing, 2 months later.

Initially, the InSight team thought only the armour and limb construction would be useful to the rest of the corporation. The CEO, however, ordered four to be constructed to be part of his corporate protection squadron. Most of his contemporaries considered this just the vain move of a CEO, but the X-MMs were forced into action during a Wun’Tux assault on the unveiling of the Sisca VII Stock Exchange.

The Wun’Tux armoured vehicles couldn’t adequately utilise their ‘Shredder’ cannons within the tight confines of an urban centre; the X-MMs were quick and capable in such environs and scored a decisive victory. Blackmane spared no expense broadcasting the surveillance footage on the ‘Net; orders began to pour in from all over the known universe.


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