Oroso T’frr

Oroso T'frr

The Oroso Conclave have the most careful, defence-minded and tactical military forces of the known races, outside of the Vonn. Their priority lies squarely in defence, their fightcraft lack FTL ability. Instead, they need to land on a ‘mother’ ship or be stored on a rack in transport.

The T’frr is the primary fightercraft fielded by the Conclave; it is nimble, capable and well-armed against a variety of threats with wing and chin mounted autocannons.

Oroso T'frr

Although reasonably small, the ship calls for two crew. In common with most Oroso, the crew of a T’frr live and exist in very close quarters. This closeness is key to their relationship and fighting ability; if one of a pilot-pair dies or is unable to fight again, the other often struggles to adjust back to military life.

Oroso T'frr

The T’frr served admirably against the European Union forces during the brief Human-Oroso conflict, bested only by the late introduction of Grendel Squadron.

Manufacturer: The Astro-Oroso Naval Combine
Role: HG/RG-Fighter
Length: 8m
Crew: 2
Weaponry: 3 x Autocannons
Shields/Armour: Light/Medium
FTL: Incapable


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