Salamander Armoured Crawler

AC-27 'Salamander'

AC-27 'Salamander'

Armoured Crawlers are a hybrid between traditional tracked tanks and the more modern bipedal walkers. They combine the sturdy armour of the former with the adaptability of the latter to create an affordable and stalwart part of any ground force.

The ‘Salamander’ is a human vehicle, designed and marketed by the Northropp Terrestrial Division and supplied primarily to US forces. It is heavily armoured and capable of withstanding damage which would destroy other craft of it’s stature.

It’s default armament takes the form of a anti-material cannon mounted on it’s back. This weapon can target both ground and sub-orbital enemy targets at mid-to-long range. Salamanders are typical commandeered by Generals and other high-ranking individuals, placed at the core of a defensive formation or the rear of an attack.

On the defensive.

Above: A Salamander as part of a defence on a tank factory against a Wun’Tux scouting party


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