Agency Tales: Part One

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After The Agency Tales: Part One

This story is set in the Fourth Age, following the so-called ‘fall’ of the Agency. Certain members of the organisation left to take refuge in the Outer Rim, away from prying eyes and the long arm of their mysterious previous masters.


Bremen-class Corvette


The Bremen-class Corvette was the first European Union combat capital ship produced following the Pan-Eurasian War. The outdated Union navy had been bested and embarrassed by modern mercenary forces. Following the armistice at the end of the conflict, Union admirals demanded comparable vessels and the versatile Bremen was the first to make it from blueprint to production.

She is designed to shield and protect larger ships from warheads, fighters and other nimble threats. Computer-assisted flak turrets cover multiple vectors and Bremen crews pride themselves on their accuracy and kill counts.

She also packs something of a wallop – a triple barrelled cannon is placed on the foredeck. Shipsmiths added the almost oversized weapon to give the Bremen bite when engaging ships of similar size up to destroyer tonnage.

Suffice to say, the ship exceeded original expectations. Not only was it a more than adequate escort ship, it was also suited to operate on the borders of known space and respond quickly to myriad threats, from pirate attacks to Wun’Tux raiders.

Manufacturer: Rheinmetall Industires
Role: Escort, picket duty, border patrol
Length: 60m
Crew: 41
1 x STS-Cannon (triple-barrelled, deck mounted)
4 x Flak Turrets (computer-assisted)
Shields/Armour: Medium/Medium
FTL: Capable