H-21 Brasshook

H21 Brasshook

The MKI H-21 ‘Brasshook’ is a Second Age hangar-grade fightercraft kept in operational by the Widebrim mercenary group. It originally began life as a design marketed to European Union but was rejected in favour of a cheaper competitor.

Over a hundred were produced and successfully marketed to independent militias and individuals. The obvious selling point was the ship’s ability to attach to larger, FTL-capable vessels to travel between star systems. The Second Age pre-dated the advent of FTL-equipped fightercraft; if you wanted one to travel long distances it had to be within a carrier ship or latched onto one. Fighters like the Brasshook could attach to almost any ship of sufficient size – they didn’t need a specialist carrier vessel. This versatility made them a popular choice with independent operators. They were also MKI ships to their very core – sturdy and rugged, if somewhat lacking in finesse.
By the Third Age, many had been abandoned in favour of newer models. The ships remained serviceable and were rarely lay dormant in scrapyards for long. One of the obvious secondhand buyers were the Widebrim mercenary brigade; famous for their affection for MKI products and rugged ships both. The first few that fell into Widebrim hands were upgraded in an ad hoc way – the more successful aspects integrated into a more thorough retrofit of the subsequent ships. It was during the Third Age that this blueprint for upgrade (nicknamed the ‘Brassnook’) became popular and widespread throughout the group.

H21 Brasshook

Widebrim Brassnook pilots pay generously to ‘hitch’ a ride around populated space. They often offer unarmed frieghters their protection in exchange for a lift somewhere nearby; many a pirate raider has started an attack run against a vulnerable looking target only to see a handful of Brassnooks detatch and move to intercept. The thick armour plate and twin-autocannons make the ship old fashioned but tough; making opportunist pirates think twice about their choice of target.

Manufacturer: MKI
Role: HG-Fighter
Length: 8m
Crew: 1
Weaponry: 2 x Autocannons
Shields/Armour: Light/Heavy
FTL: Incapable



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