Ehoi is the single habitable planet in the Frea System. The lush, jungle world is the cradle of the Illayko civilisation. The Illayko government evacuated in the path of a Wun’Tux invasion forces, leaving behind almost 40% of the population who either didn’t want to or couldn’t leave. The Wun’Tux were quick to seize upon the planet and these remaining people, skimming off the healthiest remaining Illayko as prime slave stock.

Modern day Ehoi belongs to BroodClan Xylos, one of the more established of the Wun’Tux heirarchy. Xylos demanded the planet from the original conquerors, BroodClan Freneses in exchange for protection following one of the myriad Wun’Tux civil wars. The new denizens spent little time knocking down, building over and otherwise restructuring the original buildings, infrastructure and landmarks; they replaced intricate stonework with the drab, utilitarian buildings and drilled huge holes into the terrain to create their archetypal underground lairs. It rapidly became an industrialised and dirty world and a valuable asset for Xylos.

A small proportion of the population who refused to abandon Ehoi fled to the remote, mountainous regions to the South. Although little reliable news gets out of Wun’Tux space, it is said these people wage a guerilla war against their Wun’Tux occupiers, with bombs and traps and all sorted destruction. The new Illayko government dampen down any rumour of the survivors, lest they undermine their credibility.


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