BroodClan Xylos


BroodClan Xylos is one of the oldest of the often warring Wun’Tux factions, renowned for it’s ability to control and manipulate smaller BroodClans into doing it’s bidding.

The established BroodClans are fiercely protective of their ancestral territories. Their resources are primarily geared towards self-preservation against the backdrop of competing, rival BroodClans. The younger BroodClans inhabit less favourable territory and form a ‘buffer-zone‘ between the Wun’Tux old worlds and the rest of the galaxy; it is usually these younger groups who the other sentient species of the galaxy see and fear. Xylos is unusual in that it utilises some of the smaller factions as proxies, promising their senior members territory and influence in the old worlds in exchange for fealty.

Xylos is quick to abandon BroodClans it sees as weak or failing, however, and is respected (but mostly feared) for this ruthless streak. It’s Broodmother is rumoured to be over 150 years old; she stands at seven feet tall and has only one arm as a result of one of the civil wars of a century previous. She refuses to adopt any sort of prosthetic; the rumour being that she keeps the shoulder stump as a reminder against her youthful hubris.

The Xylos seat of power is on Ehoi, the cradle of Illayko civilisation. Although the BroodClan didn’t conquer the world themselves they did lend one of their proxy ‘clans a force of ships and soldiers which gave them the edge in accomplishing it. The smaller BroodClan agreed to cede the territory in exchange for protection from their rivals.

Outside of the Illayko conflict, Xylos have attained military success against humankind; their complete victory against a prepared European Union force at Tordov V is still fresh in many human minds.


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