The NV-7

NV-2 [A reboot]

To all intents and purposes the NV-7 (Nicknamed ‘Envy’) is a fighter-scale ship built around a capital-scale cannon. The main and only gun is disproportionately powerful, allowing the ship to prevail against much larger targets.

The vessel is a one-of-a-kind, stolen from the Blackmane Defence Innovations lab around Pluto by a greedy researcher but stolen again by it’s current pilot. Not a lot is known about her, but rumours abound she is one of the more successful end products of Project Atlas.

Regarded as a loose cannon, even in mercenary circles, Envy’s pilot cannot be accused of cowardice or lack of ambition.

Manufacturer: Blackmane Defence Innovations
Role: Assault
Height: 14m
Crew: 1
Weaponry: 1 x ‘Razorbeam’ Rail Cannon (armour piercing)
Shields/Armour: Light/Medium
FTL: Capable (short-jumps)



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