Wun’Tux Gunship

Clan Gunship

The Wun’Tux Gunship is the second most common warship fielded by the BroodClans. Legend has it that the first humans abducted by the invaders whispered about gunships coming to rescue them and the Wun’Tux took the idea very literally, creating a ship built literally around a gun.

The Gunship is crewed half by young Wun’Tux and half by slaves. The slaves work long, back-breaking hours in the most dangerous parts of the ship, particularly it’s largest cannon. Poorly manufactured fragmentation shells can explode and kill the slave crew; the Wun’Tux are quick to source another.

The gun in question is one of the spinally-mounted fragmentation cannons the Wun’Tux prefer. Large-bore and devestating when used against thin armour and hull plating, the weapon is adept at targetting enemies in space but can destroy terrestrial targets from orbit, too.

A pair of pulse cannons complete the arsenal, a fearsome combination for such a small vessel. It has flaws to match, however. With no turreted weapons, the Gunship is vulnerable from various directions; this is most readily exploited by nimble fightercraft.



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