The Illayko Defence Force

idfThe Illayko Defence Force (IDF) are the military arm of the Illayko people. Historically formed to protect against the nearby Gnobo League, the IDF was a capable sword and shield against local aggression.

The Wun’Tux invasion changed all of this. Illayko space had lay in the path of one of the frequent Wun’Tux civil wars and accidentally became a prize to be fought over. Outnumbered and out-gunned, the ships and soldiers of the IDF protected their people with blood, sweat and tears. Their final battle occurred over and on Ehoi, the lush jungle homeworld of the Illayko people. Although a tactical rout and disaster, the IDF achieved it’s aim of protecting the giant civilian flotilla escaping to a new territory in the galactic ‘South’.

The new Illayko lands were far from anywhere and anyone; the military which had faced decimation in the war was effectively disbanded into a small defence and policing force. This reduced IDF keeps the peace within their borders but is a military threat to few. The majority of the survivors and veterans turned their hand to mercenary work; the bitterness of the loss of their homeworld and history makes them angry, unpredictable enemies.

The P-22 Warspite was the most common IDF and Illayko mercenary vessel.


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