The P-22 Warspite


The Illayko Military was once a proud protector of order within their star systems. Before humans were even settled on Mars, the Illayko Defence Force (IDF) bested the three major Gnobo Mercenary Brigades in battle, convincing their galactic neighbours they were not to be trifled with.

These skirmishes were nothing compared to the assaults of the Wun’Tux. The reptilian race were at war with themselves, the outlying BroodClans were hungrier than ever for resources and Illayko worlds became the new prizes in their civil war.

The P-22 Warspite was the most numerous ship fielded by the IDF. A rough equivalent to a human Strike Fighter, it was manoeuvrable enough for dogfighting and could travel Faster-Than-Light independently. The design necessitated two crew: a pilot and gunner working in harmony. And the Wun’Tux War created a whole lot of work.

The P-22s were needed all over the border. They usually faced 3-to-1 odds against forces of Twinfangs and came out on top – at least in the beginning. When the border crumbled and Wun’Tux warships raided where they pleased, small groups of Warspites struck in reply, making the reptiles pay in blood for every victory. And masses of Wun’Tux ships set their sights on the Illayko home world, P-22 crews died to cover the exodus escape.

The remnant of the Illayko struggled to build itself a new home. Politicians, builders, miners, planners; all of these people came together to create stability. There was no place for warriors. Feeling bitter and betrayed, most of these soldiers took their ships and expertise away to the galaxy at large. They ply their trade with a grim determination and particular hatred for the Wun’Tux and Gnobo.

Warspites are capable in a range of roles, but their biggest strength is in attack. Their crews fight as if with nothing to lose; it is said their bloodlust kills more enemies than their particle cannons.

Manufacturer: The Illayko Forgeworks
Role: Attack, patrol, assault
Length: 14m
Crew: 2 (1 pilot, 1 gunner)
Weaponry: 2 x Particle Cannons
Shields/Armour: Medium/Medium
FTL: Capable (short-jumps)



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