USS Ranger

Strike Carrier

The USS Ranger was the first Taft-class Strike Carrier to be lost to the Wun’Tux. The ship fell into a carefully laid trap and went up with all hands, including her fighter escort. The Wun’Tux ambushers notably didn’t take any slave prisoners.

It’s Captain, Nemanya Trask, was one of the first commanders to be trained at Highpoint Academy but the abstract training methods clashed with her traditional military upbringing. She showed tactical naivety when she led her ship into the well-laid Soulfront trap.

The ship was outfitted with X-33 Scimitars from the 51st Squadron, aka the Boston Bootleggers. The loss of their commander and half of their strength led to the group being disbanded; it’s surviving members were integrated into other squadrons. Their hatred for their alien opponents didn’t diminish with the passing of time and life in the USEF gave them ample opportunity to channel their anger.


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