BroodClan Soulfront


BroodClan Soulfront are one of the younger Wun’Tux groups, residing in the outlying star systems  of their empire and closest to other civilisations. This proximity to other species tends to make these younger BroodClans bloodthirsty, ambitious and impulsive – competitive for space and resources.

Soulfront, however, are different. Their Broodmother was the runt of a small litter; undersized and sickly in her youth, she just about made it through the Blood Trials and was handed control of the understrength Soulfront with little fanfare. However, growing up without the strength, size and dominance of the other Brood Mothers didn’t make her inferior; it simply made her smarter.

She established her authority during the USEF assault on Dronta VIII. The USEF needed to strike quickly and remain undetected until the last possible moment; this involved surgical strikes on the outlying Wun’Tux patrols in the hours leading up to the assault. Soulfront were quick to detect the worrying pattern in patrol disappearances and withdrew their forces from the planet – subtly and smoothly. They finished their withdrawl an hour before the USEF attack. A number of her rivals were soundly defeated. Their losses only served to strengthen her position.

Although backstabbing and duplicity are far from uncommon Wun’Tux traits, BroodClan Soulfront are particularly partial to these dark arts. Even though the aftermath of Dronta VII left the group with a military advantage over their rivals, they prefer the use of espionage and intrigue to stay ahead. They were the first BroodClan to take down a Taft-class Strike Carrier.

USS Ranger was investigating a spate of Wun’Tux raids on American colonies and shipping. The attackers were consistent; they would only take prisoner young mothers. It was headline news; the USEF were pressurised to act and the Ranger’s captain under close scrutiny. One day in May the ship picked up a distress call from an asteroid belt in human space; audio-filters picked up a garbled mess but identified vocal fragments from the missing women. The Ranger pursued with caution, even though the site was firmly on the human side of the border.

They found the first ship abducted by the Wun’Tux anchored to one of the largest asteroids in the field. Active scans revealed a hundred lifesigns – all human. As the Ranger drew closer, asteroids nearby began to move of their own accord. Small Wun’Tux capital ships – gunships and enforcers – emerged from within, firing at the Ranger from several angles at once. These ships had the advantage over the Ranger in the tight confines of the asteroid field and although she fought valiantly, the Ranger became victim to greater numbers. Damaged and losing fuel, the American ship made fighting retreat – with it’s fighter complement covering it’s escape.

As if on cue, the Soulfront flagship performed a daring exit from FTL almost ontop of the Ranger disgorged two squadrons worth of Twinfangs. With the Ranger’s still tied up in the asteroid field, the Ranger could put up only token resistance against enemy fighters and was soon destroyed with all hands. With no FLT capability of their own, the human fighter pilots chose to go down fighting as well.

For the loss of a few smaller ships, the BroodClan had managed to destroy the first Taft-class Carrier. Although it served to infuriate and invigorate the USEF Admirals, this tactic also gained Soulfront the respect and awe of it’s rival BroodClans who were still sore from their beating at Dronta VII.

Soulfront’s propensity for unorthodox and unpredictable tactics makes them one of the most dangerous of the Outlying BroodClans – and most wanted by the USEF to boot.


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