The Lonova

Lonova Sigil

There is no Earth law against interaction with less developed civilisations in the universe. Human treatment of the Lonova goes to show that perhaps there should be.

Typical Lonova male

The Lovona are a race of bipedal humanoids physically similar enough to humans to use the same equipment with little modification. They prefer warmer climbs than humans and a slightly different oxygen/nitrogen/carbon dioxide atmosphere. Their society is caste-based and rigidly organised against any social mobility. The Lovona had just discovered the ability to travel within their own star system when the USEF stumbled upon their world.

The Lovona found themselves in the middle of a complex geopolitical situation, within reach of humans, Gnobo and the Wun’Tux. The leadership caste called upon the human race for assistance and – with little wringing of their hands – the US opened¬†Lovona society to a handful of favoured megacorporations.

With little hard currency available, the Lovona leaders bargained off land and resources in exchange for technological innovations. And so their race went through an accelerated technological upheaval, creating an odd schism between the people who could afford new gadgets and gizmos and those who looked upon the new world from afar – predominantly the worker caste who were the first Lovona utilised as cheap labour for new human factories.

The Lovona have become entwined with some of the larger human megacorporations; their colonisation and defence programmes became particularly dependent on the technological assistance from humankind. However, no formal military alliance exists. Something that makes the Lovona military caste both outraged and simultaneously very nervous.

Megacorporations aren’t the sole beneficiaries of the Lovona emergence. Top human business schools and military academies have profitably marketed themselves to the Lovona leadership caste. A number of human academics refuse to be involved, believing tacit support and legitimacy to a deeply undemocratic caste-based society is ethically wrong. Academics lacking such scruples, however, have become very rich indeed.

The Lovona leadership rather naively believe that humankind has stepped in the protect them from the Wun’Tux, although the Lovona have only lost a small number of their people to the slavers. Humans are held in a disproportionately high regard trusted above other species; the Gnobo have attempted to woo Lovona with discounted technology but received short shrift so far.


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